Yuri Zhiwicki

Facebook Media Buying / Lead Generation
Facebook / Instagram advertising for any type of business.
I provide lead generation and targeting services for businesses across all industries, and I am happy to offer you my expertise and experience (over 5 years). Additionally, I am involved in the dropshipping business myself, so I understand the challenges and needs that entrepreneurs face.

I have successful case studies in e-commerce, traffic arbitrage, cryptocurrency, repair services, and mobile app promotion.
A few numbers
I work solely for the results
  • >$3 million
    The advertising budget has been spent.
  • >20
    Successful projects
  • >1000
    Tested creatives
  • 7/24
    Always available
- Understanding your business needs
- Project tasks and deadlines
- Cost calculation
- Signing a written agreement
- Launching test advertising campaigns
- Analytics and advertising optimization
- Daily and weekly reporting
Professional skills
  • Strong technical expertise
  • Understanding of algorithm and auction mechanics
  • Experience in various business sectors
  • I can revise existing landing pages
  • I work well in a team
  • I deeply immerse myself in the specifics of the business
Some cases:
Over the course of 5 years working in advertising procurement, I have collaborated with both small-scale projects and large corporations
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Tel: +44 7537 180847
E-mail: yurizhiwicki@gmail.com
Telegram: @Zhiwicki

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